Nice to meet you, I'm James Harris

UI/UX Frontend Developer Team Lead Web Management Graphic Designer CSS Whisperer WordPress Wizard A11y SEO Google Tag Manager

About James

I've made a career of being a versatile, flexible and creative contributor to a number of different companies. I love to solve problems big and small.

I have that Swiss army knife of skills, as comfortable in an agile sprint planning meeting as I am in a social media marketing brainstorming session. Keen to roll up my sleeves and dig into development problems, or to use tools like Google Tag Manager to test an issue without disrupting the production server. I'm a real world problem solver with loads of practical experience. I'm well versed with dealing with technical debt and making legacy software work with modern technology. I love to find solutions that save time, money and resources.

I'm that developer that can create that missing SVG icon for a project and optimize it perfectly for web. I'm that designer who understands the complexities of CSS breakpoints and why the styles aren't working properly. I'm that guy who was running a blog before people even called them blogs. I'm that dev who's actually worked in social media and search engine marketing and gets the big picture within organizations.

If any of that sounds like a fit for your organization, shoot me a message.

Recent Projects

Here's a cross section of a few of the web projects I've created over the years.

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