JayBeeDub Mixtape February 2023

Even though February is the shortest month of the year, you're not getting shortchanged on music in this mixtape. With new music by The National, Ladytron and Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds there's plenty in here to get you through the winter doldrums. This month has songs ranging from 2023 back to 1977. I do feel like I got a bit remix heavy, but I make no apologies for that, they're all bangers.

The song on this playlist I've been returning to repeatedly is Broken by Little Simz. Just so much about the lyrics resonate lately. And just if you're feeling a bit too mopey after that one, I threw in an old favourite of mine I remember seeing performed live to a small crowd at V-Fest in Toronto in 2006, the song Cheer Up, You Miserable Fuck by David Ford.

Last week the world learned of the passing of Television's Tom Verlaine. Tom was such an influential guitarist, so I made sure to end the playlist with Television's almost 11 minute opus, Marquee Moon. And just for good measure, I threw in Alvvays song about the man himself.

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JayBeeDub February 2023 Mixtape
# Song Artist Genres Album Album Date
1 I'm Not Living in the Past Anymore Holy Wave chamber psych, el paso indie, indie garage rock, neo-psychedelic Interloper 2020-07-03
2 Sexual Healing - Kygo Remix Marvin Gaye,Kygo classic soul, funk, motown, northern soul, quiet storm, soul, edm, pop, pop dance, tropical house Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix) 2015-04-27
3 Follow Unfollow Thank You, I'm Sorry 5th wave emo, bubblegrunge I'm Glad We're Friends 2020-08-21
4 a long december girlhouse indie pop a long december 1996
5 Too Late Now - Soulwax Remix Wet Leg,Soulwax indie rock, alternative dance, belgian electronic, belgian indie, belgian indie rock, belgian rock, big beat, electro house, electronica, filter house, ghent indie, mashup, new rave Too Late Now (Soulwax Remix) 2022-07-06
6 Skin the Rabbit DISPATCH jam band, modern folk rock, neo mellow, pop rock, stomp and holler America, Location 12 2017-06-02
7 L'affaire Dumoutier - Say to Me The Box classic canadian rock All the Time, All the Time, All the Time... 1985-01-01
8 Tunnels Jane's Party canadian folk Tunnel Visions 2016-05-12
9 Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now - 2011 Remaster The Smiths madchester, new wave, permanent wave, rock, uk post-punk Louder Than Bombs 1987
10 Cheer Up (You Miserable Fuck) David Ford I Sincerely Apologise for All the Trouble I've Caused 2005-10-03
11 Tropic Morning News The National indie rock, modern rock Tropic Morning News 2023-01-18
12 Elegy for John Trudell REBELWISE,John Trudell,Mic Crenshaw,Quincy Davis,Claudia Cuentas native american, native american contemporary, musica indigena latinoamericana Rebel Wise 2022-07-12
13 Broken Little Simz alternative r&b, escape room, trap queen NO THANK YOU 2022-12-12
14 Ghetto Child The Spinners classic soul, disco, funk, motown, philly soul, quiet storm, soul, southern soul The Very Best of the Spinners 1993
15 So To Speak MOLLY Picturesque 2023-01-13
16 We Never Went Away Ladytron alternative dance, art pop, chamber psych, dark synthpop, dream pop, electroclash, electronica, electropop, indietronica, neo-synthpop, new rave Time's Arrow 2023-01-20
17 Sea Lions Samia art pop, indie pop Honey 2023-01-27
18 What Do I Get? - 1996 Remastered Version Buzzcocks alternative rock, madchester, new wave, post-punk, pub rock, punk Another Music In A Different Kitchen 1978
19 Danse Macabre Wintersleep canadian indie, canadian rock, deep new americana, halifax indie Untitled 2005-01-01
20 Debaser Pixies alternative rock, boston rock, modern rock, permanent wave, rock Doolittle 1989-04-17
21 $20.00 boygenius,Julien Baker,Phoebe Bridgers,Lucy Dacus indie pop, pop, ambient folk, art pop, indie rock, la indie the record 2023-01-18
22 This Is Not America - 2002 Remaster David Bowie,Pat Metheny Group art rock, classic rock, glam rock, permanent wave, rock, ecm-style jazz, jazz fusion Best of Bowie 2002
23 Hockey Skates Kathleen Edwards alternative country, canadian americana, canadian country, canadian indie, canadian singer-songwriter, deep new americana, ectofolk, folk, indie folk, lilith, melancholia, new americana, ottawa indie, roots rock, singer-songwriter, stomp and holler Failer 2003-01-14
24 Knife-Grey Sea Pilate Sell Control For Life's Speed 2006-01-01
25 Easy Now Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds britpop, modern rock, pop rock, rock Easy Now 2023-01-17
26 Golden Brown The Stranglers art rock, glam rock, new romantic, new wave, new wave pop, post-punk, protopunk, pub rock, punk, rock, synthpop, zolo La Folie 1981
27 Paint By Number Heart - Remastered Martha and the Muffins classic canadian rock, new wave pop Metro Music 1980
28 Girl From Mars Ash britpop, pop rock 1977 1996-05-06
29 Blood of a Young Wolf Buck 65 abstract hip hop Secret House Against The World 2005-06-28
30 Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt DJ Shadow big beat, downtempo, electronica, hip hop, trip hop, turntablism Endtroducing..... 1996-01-01
31 Feel It Still - ZHU Remix Portugal. The Man,ZHU modern rock, rock, edm, electro house Feel It Still (ZHU Remix) 2017-09-01
32 Say Goodbye Social Club Misfits christian hip hop, christian pop, christian trap, miami hip hop, rap cristiano Into The Night 2018-02-09
33 Kurt Vonnegut Born Ruffians canadian indie, indie rock, stomp and holler, toronto indie Red, Yellow & Blue 2008
34 Stillness Is The Move Dirty Projectors,Amber Coffman art pop, brooklyn indie, experimental pop, indie pop, indie rock Bitte Orca 2009-06-09
35 Naughty Vancougar,CC Rose of Pink Mountaintops vancouver indie, Losin' It! 2007-03-27
36 Her Hippo Dry Cleaning art pop, chamber psych, indie rock, modern rock, uk post-punk revival New Long Leg 2021-04-02
37 Do Yourself Some Good (The Reflex Revision) UNKLE,The Reflex alternative dance, big beat, electronica, trip hop, R┼Źnin (The Reflex Revisions) 2023-01-18
38 The Ministry Of Social Affairs PJ Harvey alternative rock, art pop, art rock, chamber psych, indie rock, melancholia, permanent wave, piano rock, rock, singer-songwriter The Hope Six Demolition Project 2016-04-15
39 Tom Verlaine Alvvays dreamo, indie pop, indie rock, shoegaze, toronto indie Blue Rev 2022-10-07
40 Marquee Moon Television alternative rock, art punk, art rock, experimental, indie rock, new wave, no wave, post-punk, protopunk, psychedelic rock, punk, punk blues Marquee Moon 1977-02-08

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