JayBeeDub January 2023 Mixtape

New year, new month, new mixtape! Start 2023 off on a good foot with some jams. This 40 song variety mix has songs ranging from 2022 all the way back to 1968. Featuring tracks by Sault, Talk Talk, Black Crowes, PUP and many more.

A couple of the standout tracks that I had in this month's mixtape was Child in Time, Pt. 1 by Deep Purple. Now I'm definitely not a classic rock kind of guy, but I was watching Netflix's 1899(which has unfortunately already been cancelled) and this song was dropped at the end of one of the episodes and was just perfect.

The last track in the playlist was something I heard Marco Collins drop on his KEXP show one night and what a slap upside the head. This is a song that demands your attention. It's just such a bold statement on mental health and self doubt. It's so earnest and raw. I left it as the grand finale of the mix, since it's an 8 minute and 35 second journey.

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JayBeeDub January 2023 Mixtape
# Song Artist Genres Album Album Date
1 The New Year Death Cab for Cutie indie pop, indie rock, modern rock, washington indie Transatlanticism (10th Anniversary Edition) 2003
2 Your Love is Killing Me Sharon Van Etten art pop, chamber pop, dream pop, indie folk, indie pop, indie rock, melancholia, new jersey indie Are We There 2014-05-27
3 Lake Song Deeper chicago indie, garage psych, indie garage rock, indie punk Auto-Pain 2020-03-27
4 Fire And Rain Bobby Womack classic soul, funk, quiet storm, soul, southern soul The Best Of Bobby Womack - The Soul Years 2008-01-01
5 Electricity Ibibio Sound Machine afro psych, afro-funk, chamber psych Electricity 2022-03-25
6 Apricots Bicep ambient house, electronica Isles 2021-01-22
7 Justified & Ancient The KLF acid house, ambient house, hardcore techno, hip house Solid State Logik 1 2021-01-01
8 Child in Time, Pt. 1 - 2016 Remaster Deep Purple album rock, blues rock, classic rock, hard rock, metal, psychedelic rock, rock A Fire in the Sky 2017-09-15
9 Depth Charge Detox Unit psybass The Abyss 2016-07-28
10 Nine Black Poppies The Mountain Goats alternative rock, anti-folk, chamber pop, indie pop, indie rock, lo-fi, melancholia, new weird america, stomp and holler Nine Black Poppies 1995-10-24
11 Damaged Goods Gang Of Four alternative rock, art punk, art rock, dance rock, experimental, funk rock, new wave, post-punk, punk, uk post-punk Entertainment! 1979-09-25
12 Germfree Adolescence X-Ray Spex black punk, post-punk, pub rock, punk, riot grrrl Germ Free Adolescents 1978-11-10
13 Politicians In My Eyes Death black punk, detroit rock, protopunk …For The Whole World To See 2009-02-17
14 Hard Life SAULT alternative r&b, indie soul, pop soul Untitled (Black Is) 2020-06-19
15 Bonnie And Clyde - Akse Remix Brigitte Bardot,Serge Gainsbourg,Akse chanson, ye ye, french rock, Bonnie And Clyde (Akse Remix) 2012-11-26
16 100% Endurance - Elton John Version Yard Act,Elton John chamber psych, indie rock, modern rock, uk post-punk revival, glam rock, mellow gold, piano rock 100% Endurance (Elton John Version) 2022-07-01
17 Moonage Daydream The Black Crowes album rock, blues rock, classic rock, hard rock, jam band, pop rock, rock, southern rock 1972 2022-11-04
18 Didn't I Darondo classic soul, funk, soul Let My People Go 2005-01-24
19 Slave To The Rhythm - 7 Edit" Grace Jones art rock, dance pop, disco, new romantic, new wave pop Island Life 1985
20 New Low Sarah Harmer canadian country, canadian indie, canadian singer-songwriter, deep new americana, ectofolk, kingston on indie, lilith Are You Gone 2020-02-21
21 Damn Fine Coffee Mtbrd chillhop Damn Fine 2020-06-05
22 Life's What You Make It - 1997 Remaster Talk Talk art rock, melancholia, new romantic, new wave, new wave pop, sophisti-pop, synthpop The Colour of Spring 1986
23 Nobody Knows (Ladas Road) Loyle Carner indie soul, london rap, uk alternative hip hop hugo 2022-10-21
24 Pusherman Curtis Mayfield chicago soul, classic soul, funk, soul Superfly: Deluxe 25th Anniversary Edition 1972-07-01
25 Gimme Danger - Iggy Pop Mix The Stooges alternative rock, blues rock, classic rock, detroit rock, garage rock, permanent wave, post-punk, protopunk, punk, punk blues, rock Raw Power 1973-02-07
26 Flamin' Hot Cheetos Fuckwolf Goodbye, Asshole 2022-11-11
27 Robot Writes A Love Song PUP alternative emo, bubblegrunge, canadian indie, canadian pop punk, canadian punk, emo, indie punk, toronto indie THE UNRAVELING OF PUPTHEBAND 2022-04-01
28 The Robots - 2009 Remaster Kraftwerk dusseldorf electronic, early synthpop, electro, new romantic, new wave, proto-techno, synthpop The Man-Machine (2009 Remaster) 1978
29 Fix It in the Mix Pretty Tony electro, miami bass Fix It in the Mix 2013-11-28
30 Smalltown Boy Bronski Beat hi-nrg, new romantic, new wave, new wave pop, sophisti-pop, synthpop The Age of Consent 1984-10-15
31 Not Over Yet (feat. Noel Gallagher) CamelPhat,Noel Gallagher deep tech house, edm, house, progressive house, britpop, solo wave Dark Matter 2020-10-30
32 Teen Age Riot (Album Version) Sonic Youth alternative rock, art rock, indie rock, noise pop, noise rock, post-punk, rock Daydream Nation (Remastered Original Album) 1988-10-11
33 Ontario Jim Bryson canadian indie, canadian singer-songwriter, deep new americana, ontario indie, ottawa indie Somewhere We Will Find Our Place 2016-02-19
34 Don't Think Twice Mike Ness psychobilly, punk, punk 'n' roll, skate punk Cheating At Solitaire 1999-01-01
35 Pete's Vile Colleague Cassels oxford indie A Gut Feeling 2022-02-04
36 People's Faces - Streatham Version Kae Tempest alternative r&b, lgbtq+ hip hop, slam poetry People's Faces (Streatham Version) 2019-09-12
37 Fortunate Son Catey Shaw indie poptimism Fortunate Son 2013-06-28
38 This House Is On Fire Broken Social Scene alternative dance, alternative rock, baroque pop, canadian indie, canadian rock, chillwave, indie pop, indie rock, modern rock, stomp and holler Old Dead Young (B-Sides & Rarities) 2022-01-14
39 More Low alternative rock, art pop, art rock, chamber psych, dream pop, duluth indie, indie rock, melancholia, slowcore HEY WHAT 2021-09-10
40 Hi Ren Ren brighton indie Hi Ren 2022-12-15
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