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I wanted to make a somewhat permanent home for my JayBeeDub Mixtape compilations. I had started doing them this year and aspiring to do an accompanying blog a month for each one, following the lead of Elan Morgan*, but just found I lost steam almost right away on it. So I decided to take a more automated approach. Initially I had been creating a new playlist a month on Apple Music and Spotify and sharing those links out, but quickly realized the flaw in that, as it made it so people couldn't subscribe to the playlist and was just creating more digital litter in people's playlist queue. Instead I opted to create one playlist that's updated regularly on each platform. Then I do offer the monthly archives of each playlist on my profiles, which you can follow below. This page will now automatically update with the most recent playlist available.

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A little background on my playlists, they're usually pretty indie focused. I tend to listen to different online radio and like to explore different niches. As a Canadian, I try to mix in a good amount of Canadian tunes, along with unexpected goodies, older tracks and just whatever else hits me the right way. If you're interested in the more analytical side of my playlists, here's an analysis of my combined playlists to give you a vibe of what you can expect.

* You should totally check out Elan's playlists, they're great

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